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The Marsh Builders-The Fight for Clean Water, Wetlands, and Wildlife

This book describes about the Fight for Clean Water, Wetlands, and Wildlife. As everyone is much familiar that in coming future there will be massive water crisis, pollution issues & other Wildlife issues that will be faced by the people of this universe. Download The Marsh Builders.

Sharon Levy in this book

  • Explores both the history and emerging science of water pollution and the role of wetlands in protecting water quality
  • Delves into the complex political and social dynamics of a years-long successful citizen uprising against energy-intensive conventional sewage treatment
  • Explains why wetland construction and restoration is increasingly important in the era of global warming and sea level rise

Description about the Book

The author in this book discusses the major issues faces by US. As majority of the original wetlands in the US have vanished, transformed into farm fields or buried under city streets. Deadly disease are the major issues for the 20th century.


In The Marsh Builders, Sharon Levy tells about histories of wetlands loss and water pollution. The book’s springboard is the tale of a years-long citizen uprising in Humboldt County, California, which led to the creation of one of the first U.S. wetlands designed to treat city sewage.

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More than forty years after the passage of the Clean Water Act launched a nation-wide effort to rescue lakes, rivers and estuaries fouled with human and industrial waste, the need for revived wetlands is more urgent than ever. Waters from Lake Erie and Chesapeake Bay to China’s Lake Taihu are tainted with an overload of nutrients carried in runoff from farms and cities, creating underwater dead zones and triggering algal blooms that release toxins into drinking water sources used by millions of people. As the planet warms, scientists are beginning to design wetlands that can shield coastal cities from rising seas. Revived wetlands hold great promise for healing the world’s waters.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Cholera’s Frontiers
Chapter 2: Tides of Change
Chapter 3: The Microbe Solution
Chapter 4: Emperor Joseph’s Roots
Chapter 5: Strangled Waters: First Wave
Chapter 6: Fighting the Big Sewage Machine
Chapter 7: The United States of Vanished Wetlands
Chapter 8: Revolution
Chapter 9: Do-It-Yourself Wetlands
Chapter 10: Strangled Waters: Second Wave
Chapter 11: Wild Things
Chapter 12: Things Fall Apart
Chapter 13: The Tide Rises

Author Information

Sharon Levy, Freelance science writer

Sharon Levy is a science writer based in northern California. Her work appears in Undark, Bio Science, Nature, and other magazines. She is the author of Once and Future Giants: What Ice Age Extinctions Tell Us About the Fate of Earth’s Largest Animals.

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