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Marshall Cavendish Maths Pupil’s book By Lucy Tan

About the book:

This book has some special features. Every chapter begin with a picture. This is best learning book for three class students. The way this math book is written attract the kids to learn especially three characters Aishah, Raj, Lily, Owen & Tom. Marshall Cavendish Math book make easier for students to learn even difficult math concepts with ease. Marshall Cavendish Maths Pupil’s book By Lucy Tan can be download from Google Store.

As per the book Marshall Cavendish Maths is especially written to help the students learn maths, think mathematically and use the knowledge and skills to engage in problem solving.  As per the author who says that learning math can be fun and enjoyable. This is especially when students have friends to help you along the way.Marshall-Cavendish-Maths-Pupil's-book-By-Lucy-Tan

Contents of the Book:

1. Numbers to 10 000

  • Counting in Thousands, Hundreds, Tens & Ones.
  • Place Values
  • Numbers and Words

2. More About Numbers

  • Counting on and Counting Back
  • Number Line
  • Counting numbers within 10 000
  • Rounding Numbers

3. Addition and Subtraction

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Solving Word Problems

4. Time

  • Using a.m and p.m
  • Telling time in hours and minutes
  • Calculating time intervals
  • reading simple Timetable and using calenders

5. Multiplication

  • Multiplication tables
  • Multiply by a 1-digit Numbers
  • Multiplying by 10 and 100

6. Division

  • Divide by a 1-digit Numbers
  • Divide by a 10 and 100
  • Even and Odd Numbers

7. Pictograms & Bar Charts with Scales

8. Number Crushing

9. Negative Numbers

10. Form 2D Shapes to 3D Shapes

11. Decimals

12. Length, Mass and Capacity

13. Angles, Direction and Position

14. Fractions

15. Mixed Numbers

16. More about Fractions

17. Perimeter and Area

18. Data Handling

  • Graphs with Different Scales
  • Carroll Diagrams
  • Venn Diagrams

This book Marshall Cavendish Maths contains 254 pages with explanatory diagrams. This book is taught in City School  three class students, Beacon and Roots School systems and in many other big schools in Pakistan & across the World. This Marshall Cavendish Maths is written by Cambridge International Examinations.

This book will help students to have good learning habits and become more confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged, and be really good at doing mathematics. This book can be downloaded from Google Store and all contents of the book are Copy right protected.

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