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Future Car-2018 Volkswagen

2018-Volkswagen Car spying car

2018 Volkswagen Three-Row Crossover Spied!

Extremely late, but definitely on its way.

Future Cars

What It Is: Volkswagen’s extremely late entry to the lucrative three-row family-crossover segment, first confirmed for production two years ago. (The vehicle has been bandied about within VW since 2011, and the segment has existed for at least a decade.) For now, the SUV is nameless, although several concepts previewing it have used variations of Cross Blue, Cross Coupe, and other crossed-up monikers. But wait, you might be thinking—couldn’t this be some kind of Jeep Grand Cherokee–based mystery prototype? Look closer at these photos. Those taillights are stickers made to look like a Jeep’s real-life units, while the front end’s made-up X-shaped badge and hollow, unadorned grille opening are other visual tricks designed to throw off onlookers.

2018-Volkswagen-three-row-crossover 2018-Volkswagen-three-row-crossover-3


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