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Tesla Model 3 New Release Date in UK, Price and Specs

Tesla Model 3 New Release Date in UK, Price and Specs:

It is a very affordable car from a company that delivered World’s best and even most expensive electric car in World.


Tesla Electric Car 2018

Power generation:

The Alternate Current induction motor(s) will connect to a direct final drive, like the one in the Model S. Four-wheel drive, or “D” but the base car will be rear-drive. Because of the plug-and-play adaptability of the motors, a rear-drive sport model is a tantalizing possibility. Base models will have a range of 250 miles or thereabouts.electric-tesla-model-car-2018-2

Tesla Electric Car 2018 Pictures

Tesla’s latest accounts show that the company has 373,000 people waiting for their Model 3 after dropping a $1,000 deposit. The company hopes that 200,000 of these orders will be fulfilled in 2017, ahead of the firm’s 2018 goal to take annual production to 500,000 vehicles.electric-tesla-model-car-2018-3Tesla Electric Car 2018 hd Wallpapers

The details of this Tesla model cars has yet to be released sooner in future. The car will offer a minimum range of 215 miles with its advanced lithium ion batteries and all-electric power train. Performance wise, the Model 3 will blast from 0-60mph in just 6s as standard but this is Tesla and faster versions will be offered. electric-tesla-model-car-2018-4Tesla Electric Car 2018 Wallpapers and Photos

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