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“Happy Nurses Day” Quotes| “Nurses Day” Cards|

“Happy Nurses Day” Quotes| “Nurses Day” Cards:

Hands that turn caring into action and touch that turn compassion into comfort and smile that turn into healing,it is called the art of nursing.Nurses tender,care love and understanding has made a difference in so many lives. Hope
you have same smiling day as you make of others…….”Happy Nurses Day”


 Save one life and you’re a hero, save a hundred lives and you’re a nurse…

happy-nurses-day-card On this nursing day i want to send a heartfelt wish your way.May all your days be as beautiful as you have made all of mine…..

nurses-that-heals Happy Nursing Day to the one who knows how to heal with love…..

nurses-day-hd-wallpaper-quotesWhere there is love of nursing,there is love of mankind…..

nurses-day-2017-quotes Flower for nurses

Nurses-Day-graphics-qoutes A beautiful hand made “Happy Nurses Day” 

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