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Sports Cars That Runs on Saltwater

Sports Cars That Runs on Saltwater:

This system is purely environmental friendly, but this does not mean simply filling the tanks with sea water.The Quant made use of an ex-Nasa technology, a flow battery powered by ‘ionic liquid’ – that is, simple saline

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Beyond its dramatic looks and outlandish performance claims (zero to 62mph in 2.6 seconds, a 236mph top speed) this design study made a genuinely audacious promise: It could run on

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The car – which has been approved for use on Europe roads will gets its power from a “flow cell” comprised of two 159-litre tanks, each filled with a different electrolytic liquid­ and one will be having positive charge and other will be having negative charge. The tanks are separated by a membrane and it is the meeting and interaction of the two fluids that creates an electric charge. Simple, yes? The Quantino’s electric motor produces a modest 136 horsepower, giving it (says its maker) the ability to run from zero to 62mph in five seconds and press on to a top speed of

source{BBC News}

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