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Monday , October 24 2016

Trans Am Worldwide Car-2017


Trans Am Worldwide Trans AM-2017: New in trans AM: Superb classic style sometimes spark nostalgia for its lamented Pontiac twin, so TAW has been reskinning gen-five Camaros as ’77-’78 Trans Ams, complete with screaming chickens, shaker hood scoops, and optional T-tops. Trans AM Photo Gallary Engine Specification of Trans AM-2017: ...

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2018 Honda Civic Type R: It’s Launch in America


2018 Honda Civic Type R: It’s Launch in America: Specialties: The highest performance version Honda CIVIC which never happened to launch in United States except mail order clones built for the NOPI Nationals or a virtual version in Gran Turismo. 2018 Honda Civic HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds What is so ...

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2018 McLaren P14–The 650S Upcoming Model


2018 McLaren P14 – The 650S Upcoming Model: 2018 McLaren P14 was watched without Camouflage. IT has been reported that McLaren P14 is expected to carry a modified engine having increased efficiency, powerful performance, and decent styling. Targeting for raised eyebrow, this car is destined to be spectacular. McLaren P14 ...

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Ford Mondeo Car Price And Specification


Ford Mondeo Car Price And Specification: Price in India: The expected price of Ford Mondeo Car in India is Fifteen Lakhs (15 Lakhs).Ford Mondeo Car Wallpapers and Pictures Ford Mondeo Overview: It is expected that Ford Mondeo would be available in Indian markets in near future. This luxury sadan was ...

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Rolls Royce Phantom Car Detail


Rolls Royce Phantom Car Detail: This car is purely made for rich and royal families as the name  Rolls Royce Phantom Car itself suggest that its a very luxurious car ever been made, its having a superb brand name, customer’s loyalty and symbol of pride and perfection. Rolls Royce Phantom Car ...

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BMW 6 series Upcoming Model-2018


BMW 6 series Upcoming Model-2018: BMW upcoming model 2018 6 series is expected to be the forth generation popular car model. Resources says that still there is very little information is available regarding how BMW 6 series car will look like and regarding other safety features. It has been expected ...

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Tesla Model 3 New Release Date in UK, Price and Specs


Tesla Model 3 New Release Date in UK, Price and Specs: It is a very affordable car from a company that delivered World’s best and even most expensive electric car in World. Tesla Electric Car 2018 Power generation: The Alternate Current induction motor(s) will connect to a direct final drive, ...

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Honda Civic Type R Prototype Release Details-2018


Honda Civic Type R Prototype Release Details-2018: We have been waiting long since when Honda will reveal its new model Honda Civic Type R detail. After long Honda release its prototype production detail where the manufacturer has pulled back the covers on this radical new Civic model at the Paris ...

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