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Honda HR V New Class of Premium Honda Subcompact Crossovers
Honda HR V New Class of Premium Honda Subcompact Crossovers

Honda HR-V 2016 Review

HR-V’s Arrival in Pakistan:

After earning a great name and fame on account of the CUV Honda HR-V, the Japanese tech giant is going to introduce the brand into Pakistani auto industry. Inspired by its extraordinary make, appearance and performance, the potential buyers are passionately waiting for its arrival. The special appeal of the vehicle lies in the fact that it offers a perfect balance of a passenger vehicle and a powerful SUV. Some authentic sources say that new Honda HR-V 2016 will make its way to the Pakistan in the first month of 2016.

Honda’s HR-V – History in Brief:

Before digging a bit into the history of Honda HR-V, it is good to know about what the abbreviation “HR-V” stands for. Well, it is the acronym for “Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle”. And this is exactly what you get from the vehicle—a revolutionary performance for extraordinarily safe and luxurious travelling experience. Based on Honda Logo, the first generation of the vehicle appeared in 1999 and remained in vogue till 2006. The second generation, based on Honda Fit, was introduced in the year 2015 for sale in the selective countries of North America, South America and Asia. It was also given a very warm welcome. Now comes the latest version, Honda HR-V 2016.

Crossover—A Blend of SUV & Passenger Car:

One of the best vehicles of Japanese origin, the Honda HR-V offers a beautiful blend of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and a passenger car. That is the very reason that a person travelling in this vehicle gets an ever sportier and comfortable riding experience. Here, instead of the body-on-frame platform of the light trucks, it uses the unibody construction as that of the passenger vehicles. The features like all-wheel-drive, high ground clearance, high center of gravity and tall interior packaging render it the characteristic of an SUV. The car-like handling, independent rear suspension and superior fuel economy, on the other hand, give Honda’s HR-V a feel of the best passenger car. In short, it can precisely be considered as the combination of an SUV’s toughness and minivan’s practicality.

HR-V – The Car with Maximized Space & Comfort:

The latest 2016 model of the car has been styled and furnished in such a way that it offers maximized space and comfort. For increasing the headroom in the cabin, the roofline has been slightly curved. There is enough hip- and legroom for the passengers on the backseats. On the other hand, it can also be utilized as a cargo vehicle. For the accommodation of taller items, you can easily fold the 60/40 split-seat completely flat. The seats can also be flipped up. The flat and square rear cargo area not only offers plenty of room but also gives easy access.

Extraordinary Power and Fuel Economy:

Though giving the look, feel and functioning of a sports utility vehicle, it consumes so less fuel that you can compare it with a small passenger vehicle. On the highway, it covers the distance of up to 55 kilometers with a single gallon of fuel. The energetic 1.8-liter four cylinder engines is capable of generating the whopping 141 horsepower, so that you may drive an extraordinarily powerful drive on all types of terrains.

Summing up, with all the grandiose accomplishments, Honda’s new HR-V 2016 is going to be a solid choice for all those who are looking for a compact versatility. Meanwhile, corresponding to the high specs standards of this beautifully blended vehicle, the Honda HR-V 2016 price in Pakistan is going to be a bit high. In any case, you will get the best reward for every single penny you pay for it.

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