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2015-BMWi8 Spyder Car

download 2015-BMWi8 Spider Car2015-BMWi8 Spyder Car:

2015-BMWi8 Spyder Car shows that how matter high-technology, carbon fiber clad and battery laden the car, but there still some conventional rules still apply and can not be ignored. In this case, even the mighty Bavarian

Automaker was unable to escape from the Aristotelian maxim, “Where there is a coupe, soon follows a convertible.” (We may be a bit rusty on our Greek history.) And so we have this i8 Concept Spyder, which essentially is an i8 coupe without a fixed roof. Critically, though, the i8 Spyder looks more like a production vehicle than did the coupe concept, and so it tells us about a generalized idea about how this car would be looking like.

What’s Been Changed

The fundamental construction of both roofed and roofless i8s is the same: a carbon-fiber passenger cell called the life module which consists of electric motor for propulsion, lithium-ion battery pack for energy storage, and three-cylinder gasoline range-extender. There are, however, many different things  between the i8 coupe and Spyder.

Over all, this BMWi8 Spyder Car is awesome manufacturer effort.
For starters, BMW team explains that the open-top car is a little shorter overall than the i8 coupe, and the wheelbase is also shorter then coupe too. The proportions look more like those of an actual car, and the driver no longer appears to sit in the forward half of the wheelbase.

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