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Suzuki Alto 7TH Generation to Replace Mehran in Pakistan

New 2016 Suzuki Alto Arrival in Pakistan



Suzuki has announced its long-awaited replacement plans for Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan. The auto market is abuzz with speculations most pointing at the Alto 658cc Seventh Generation. It is to be noted that the Alto Eight Generation is exclusive to Japan. Moreover,resources said that new Suzuki alto will be best family used car having efficient fuel mileage and awesome air conditioning.

The Japanese auto brand has long been criticized because of having very outdated designs and obsolete technology but its finally time for Suzuki to replace their lifetime achievement car i.e. Mehran.

Yes, we know Suzuki took out the Alto out of Pakistan to introduce Wagon R. Still this is the only 660cc car by Suzuki that fills the requirements for replacing Mehran.

The Suzuki Alto is powered by a 660cc inline 3 cylinder DOHC engine paired up with available options of CVT transmission, automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. The output for the engine is rated at 53bhp. The fuel consumption is estimated to be around at 24.5 km/L as claimed.


  1. Nice car having superb mileage..

  2. For over thirty years they have been selling same models in Pakistan and now out of no where they want to invest “within next five years” only if they have favorable conditions! They had these conditions several times within past 3 or 4 decades but kept selling outdated models and technology since they had the monopoly.

    In short ‘NO’ to them and best to invite other auto players from rest of the world so that Suzuki cannot misuse the opportunity in the local market. We need to have a competitive market here to kick out bad players.

  3. They should improve the quality of these two models first. Launch a 5year or 10 year program afterwards. I think pakistan should encourage korean manufacturers to come and invest in pakistan. I know they will give better and durable cars than what suzuki is offerring to pakistanis at the moment.

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